Forget about pencil sketches. The game has just been changed.

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iPad, PC, and Mac

CageCrafter app running on ipad, PC, and Mac

Quick & easy quotes wherever you are, whenever you'd like.

Quotes On Demand

Visiting a prospective customer's facility? Quote the project on-site for higher quote conversion rates.

Speedy Turnaround

By building your quote right in front of your customer, there's no time for them to shop around other companies while they wait.

Access Anywhere

Pulling data from the cloud means you can get a quote with pricing anywhere, anytime, as long as you can connect to the web.

iPad running CageCrafter animation

Build & Price in Minutes

Concept to completed quote, including drawings & pricing, in minutes!

3D Graphics & Modeling

Accurately configure products on screen with 3D graphics to achieve the exact layout your customer desires.

Instant Pricing & Drawings

Instantly email your customers a quote with pricing as well as detailed drawings, even while you're still on-site! 1

Customer Involvement

Involving your customer in the design process leads to increased interest and commitment during an on-site visit.

Accuracy Redefined

Configure the product on-site, making changes as you go with the customer's input.

Fewer Revisions

Showing the configuration directly to the customer in 3D allows them to visualize the completed project to perfectly meet their needs, reducing the number of revisions needed.

iPad with CageCrafter on desk

High-Quality Drawings

You asked for it, so we delivered.
No more pencil sketches! 2

Multiple Views

View your product configurations from every angle to ensure accuracy.

Detailed Dimensions

With dimensions placed right on the drawing, there is no second-guessing.

CageCrafter Plan View Drawing

Parts List

All main components of the configuration are listed in detail, including quantities, along with the total weight of the shipment.

On-Demand Pricing

Distributors can now get immediate pricing, including freight, for any quote submitted and may even add their own markup! 1